BostonGTUG GADC 2012 Projects

GTIN Check Digit Calculator, by Jochen Emig
A simple program to both verify and calculate the Check Digit on GTIN and SSCC barcodes. 
EventBook, byShaobai Wang, Ying Yin, Tony Pu, Huifan Yang
The app show a list of events (currently configured to display MIT events).  Main functions include RSVP, personalized event list, sharing and social features, and giving easy feedback.  Ultimately, this app can be useful to other institutions and companies, to create a wide social network for attending events.
Captain Aye-Aye, by Jeff Sylvan, David Rose, Lance Perry
Captain Aye-Aye's insanity comes to life as he tries to help the world with kindness.
VoiceDash, by Matt McDonald, Philipp Hanes
A completely hands free voice based command system. 
iParkYouPark, by Max Binshtok, Shankar Uprety, Denis Krasnitskiy
iParkYouPark tries to solve the problem of parking your car in an unknown location by crowd sourcing parking tips from other people who had parking experience in the area.
Funky Player, byShyam Vai
Alters the playback of music based on the phone's physical state & orientation.
USB Host Mode Utility, by Renate Pyhel
This is a utility for enabling USB host mode on a Nook Simple Touch. It also allows debugging of key events.  It was mostly an experiment in writing an Android app, using su for accessing device drivers and finding key mappings.
Transit Widget, by James Synge, John Roepke, Ryan Carey, David Krikorian
Transit Widget provides a widget on your Lockscreen displaying the time till the next bus. It updates periodically only during specified times to save battery life and keep current predictions.
SSIM, by Terrance Shepherd, Sean Cronin
A simple instant messaging service that works over broadcast
Cambridge Brewing Co, by Jim George, Nirvana Tikku
Dedicated to CBC and the Cambridge local beer community.  Browse the beer and food menus; Track meals and drinks that you have enjoyed; View the menus with different perspectives (high alcohol, low alcohol  and your favorites). Filter beer and food items via searching. Tablets and offline browsing supported. 
ParkIt, by Manoj Prakash, Payam Shoghi
When you park your car or your bike somewhere, you push the Park it button and it saves it on the map, when you want to remember where you parked in the past, you push "Where did I park ?" button and it shows you the location on the map. 
Let Me Google That, by Eric Kelly
This takes the completely awesome and incredibly vital "Let Me Google That" (for you) app and adds loads of Android goodness!  It's on github, my username is ekelly
InTheKnow, by Nick Quirk and Khem Veasna
InTheKnow allows users to IMMEDIATELY obtain the description/reviews of a book  just by taking a picture. Once a picture of a target object taken, a lookup (a post request with the image encoded) will be done against Google's image service to get the book's title (gotten from the "Best match" information). It will then lookup information about the book against Google's book api to get additional data about the book-- description, etc. For kicks, the device will also read out information about the book.